Sebastian Navarro: Climbing Kilimanjaro For A Cause

Hey everyone! The Agora Bodkast is back and you can also check it out on itunes here (leave a review and 5 stars pleeeaaassseee).

I’m happy to announce that I’m training my cousin for his journey to Mt. Kilimanjaro. We talk about the hike and more importantly why he is taking on this challenge. As you’ll hear, our family recently had a health scare and now are hoping you can join us in helping other families by making a donation to the American Kidney Fund at See the youtube video below for show notes and our pretty faces (mostly his). Thanks for watching!

00:00 Introduction
1:40 Specs of Kilimanjaro
2:35 Why Kilimanjaro at all?
3:57 What do the kidneys do?
5:11 What is dialysis?
7:08 High protein diets do not cause Kidney Failure
7:35 Physical & mental preparedness for Kilimanjaro
11:46 How has fitness improved your life?
14:20 Many foreign countries have great balanced diets
16:00 Fitness and work productivity
17:25 Where to follow Sebastian and where to donate to his charity
19:25 Sebastian’s donation goals
20:50 The origin of the “Bodkast” name


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