Joe Micela: 2012 Olympic Women’s Weightlifting coach, powerlifting, and more!

This episode featured Joe Micela! He is an accomplished weightlifting coach who has taken athletes to the Olympics and was the women’s Team USAW coach himself in 2012. We talk about his training philosophy, how powerlifting can benefit from weightlifting, and how weightlifting in the US can improve by finding and funding the right athletes and programs. Enjoy the podcast! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the youtube channel and give a five star rating on itunes here! Thanks!

See the show notes below!
0:35 Introduction
4:20 Should non-oly athletes use weightlifting movements?
9:58 Distinction between weightlifting and other strength sports
11:30 Joe’s experience with training powerlifters
14:14 Joe’s philosophy for training weightlifters
22:52 Is there a difference between training powerlifters and weightlifters?
29:30 How can powerlifters (and other athletes) incorporate weightlifting into their training? Should they?
42:27 Getting the job as the 2012 Women’s Team USA Weightlifting coach
46:23 How does the USA perform better in the Olympics for weightlifting?
59:10 Wrap up and thanks for watching!


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